About Us

Ambar: is a brand of reference, renewed, customer-oriented, strategically organized and oriented to the global market. Interacting with its customers, in the daily response to consumer needs, it seeks to stand out for its difference, surprise, and for its ability to reinvent itself in each product collection.

Organized into 4 business areas - school, office, home and ambarscience -, it is a 100% Portuguese company, whose long experience in paper processing allows a strong presence in all national and international distribution channels.

The brand's values represent the organization's spirit and reflect its personality: design, innovation, product and service quality, social and environmental responsibility.

We create solutions adapted to the different lifestyles of consumers and we believe to be the solution for those looking for a difference. We innovate and produce in search of a commitment to those who prefer us.

Our history

1996 Fundador AMBAR

1939 - 1968

It is from the joining of the first syllables of the two names of the company's founder that another successful Portuguese family brand is born. In 1939, Américo Barbosa founded AMBAR in Porto, a company dedicated to book binding. Business whose activity today is expanding to office products. In 1968 it reaches 1000 workers.

1973 - 1987

In 1973 AMBAR innovates with the introduction of an integrated computer system. In 1976, the entire infrastructure of the AMBAR factory was completely rebuilt with modern facilities and a computerized structure, due to a fire that completely destroyed the factory in full operation, with more than a thousand workers. In 1987, AMBAR Spain was created, with a branch in Madrid, thus strengthening its position in the Iberian market. Since then, the range of countries where the brand now exports to has been continuously expanded. More than 25.

1973 AMBAR
1996 Fundador AMBAR

1991 - 1996

In 1991 the company invests in the remodeling and expansion of its facilities in Porto, to improve its production capacity and response to the market. 1993 Robot warehouse, one of the first in the country. 1996 Isabel Barbosa, daughter of the founder, takes over the helm of the family business after her father's death, and it is from this time on that AMBAR assumes “renewal” as a keyword.

Século XXI

In 2004, it changed its name to AMBAR – Ideias no Papel, SA and started with a strategy based on three axes: "Research and Development", with "investments in Marketing and Communication" as "primary" for the brand, as well as the consolidation and growth of its export market. 2010 Reorganization into three strategic business areas - total renewal of the offer. 2013 Named Superbrand, AMBAR continues with this seal in consecutive years to date. 2014 New Administration and the celebration of 75 years of existence.



To make available to the client all the technical and creative skills, in order to develop and produce excellent articles at competitive prices.

Above all, we exist for service and always thinking about others: in the customers who use the products we conceive, in the brands we produce, in the employees who honor us with their work, in the community that welcomes us, in all provide us and those who support us with capital and resources.

  • Permanent technological innovation in order to always use the most productive and reliable means and methods with the least environmental impact, in the commitment to protect the environment and in accordance with the highest safety and ergonomic parameters.
  • Permanent development of new activities, competitive products and services and maintenance of complete ranges, in order to meet the needs and expectations of customers.
  • Continuous improvement of activities, products and services, to optimize their cost, performance requirements, environmental impact, hygiene, safety and health.