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Use of this website is subject to the Privacy Policy terms described below, and the user should check the aforementioned terms in each new use. 

This Privacy Policy is intended to provide you with all the information needed to understand our privacy practices. However, if you have any questions regarding our privacy practices or this Privacy Policy, you may send it through the e-mail:



Every user has the right to personal data protection. Ambar respects users' rights to information on the collection and processing of personal data. Ambar guarantees that Personal Data is handled in Portugal in a good and lawful way.  This site was designed so the collection and use of your personal data will be minimal and wont exceed the original purpose for which it was collected.


2.1. Your personal data is collected and processed by Ambar, for purposes strictly related to the use of this site its services and purchase products only. However, your personal data may also be used for other processing operations defined within the limits of the following uses:

a)  When performing a product purchase within this website, we collect your personal data (eg.: password, size, email address, delivery address, credit card number and phone number) in the order form, for the purpose of sale, separation and transportation of ordered products; 

b) When requesting service assistance, we collect your personal data (eg.: name, e-mail address) in order to provide you with the relevant service support for this website and for your assistance; 

c) Whenever a delivery address is recorded, we collect your personal data in order to simplify the preparation of future orders. 

2.2. Your personal data will only be communicated to third parties when strictly necessary to process an order. Your personal data will be released in the following cases:

a) Electronic payment services, through credit or debit cards;

b) Processing purchased products;

c) Selecting, packing and shipping items;

d) Solving any issues or questions related to product selling;

e) Processing payment of purchased goods;

f) Processing items return.



Your personal data may be disclosed to third parties, such as external entities hired by Ambar, to provide specific services. Any disclosure shall be made without going beyond the purpose for which personal data was collected and further processed. Additionally, your personal data may be disclosed to third parties for: 

a)  Comply with applicable laws;

b) Answer to legal and governmental inquiries;

c) Conform to valid legal procedures;

d) Protect Ambar rights and property.

Above all, your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties without you being informed or without your consent when it is required by law, except as provided herein.


Ambar uses automatic data collection systems such as cookies. A "cookie" is a device transmitted to the hard disk of an Internet user. Although cookies do not contain intelligible information, they allows us to link an Internet user to his personal information. Cookies are disseminated by our servers and no one can have access to the information contained therein. Only Ambar has access to the information collected by cookies, in a collective and anonymous way, in order to optimize our services and this site for the needs and user preferences and for the preparation of customized web pages. 

The acceptance of our automatic data collection procedures and the use of cookies is necessary to take advantage of the many features and services offered through this website, including the purchase of products. If you set your browser to block or erase cookies, we can not guarantee that you will have access to all features and services offered through this website (for example, the computer may not be able to display the image of the product you are trying to acquire).

We use cookies in functions like browsing the catalog, purchasing products online and the provision of services reserved to registered users. 



Processing of personal data by Ambar will be carried out in accordance to the Portuguese law in effect. Purchase and sale of products through this website is governed by the Portuguese law. 


Ambar may change or upgrade partially, or the entirety of this Privacy Policy at any time, even if not required by the applicable laws and regulations. All changes and updates will take effect as soon as published in this part of the website. Therefore, you should regularly access this section of the website in order to find the updated version of our Privacy Policy.


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